My name is Sergio Garcia.

I am a Seattle Resident, a Police Officer, and a Neighbor.

I am a first-generation American. My parents immigrated from Honduras in pursuit of the American Dream. My wife immigrated from Brazil for the same reason.

The Seattle Police Department hired me, in part, for my zeal to be part of this wonderful and thriving community. I love the city’s charm, its natural integration with the surrounding Puget Sound’s beauty, and its progressive approach towards a better quality of life.

I love Seattle and chose this city because of its charm, cultural diversity, progressive values, and proximity to nature. I was also attracted by the willingness of the voters here to adopt innovative new approaches to governance and civil society in order to create a better quality of life for everyone including immigrant, refugee, and LGBTQ communities. The friendships I have made with residents, small business owners, and workers have allowed me to witness and understand the daily struggles faced by everyone in this city. This has inspired me to become more involved.